Pre-Marital/ Relationships Counseling

Premarital counseling is a form of therapy  which takes place before marriage. Typically, premarital counseling involves asking relevant and fundamental questions which will help couples to dig deep and revisit previous impressions they’ve formed about marriage before tying the knot.

 In pre marital counseling, couples will uncover what each believes and have experienced about marriage. Pre-marital Counseling addresses each person’s expectations from the other.

Some individuals may have one idea of what marriage looks like and what it means to be. It is highly recommended for all, especially for couples who have less knowledge of the purposes of marriage and marriage partnership. It can save a lot of conflicts and couples can avoid a lot of attending pre marriage counseling and assessments.

 At AMFT we encourage couples to attend counseling sessions, to share all concerns and discuss matters that can be a source of future stress and conflicts. It allows couples to sit and think together with the psychotherapist, an expert in the field who is normally natural and can unfold the reality in a healthy environment- before the couple’s big day.

Pre- Marital/ Relationships Counseling can address many concern such as: