Dr.Amari Will Be That Friend At times life can be stressful.
You may have had a lonely childhood and problematic life transition as an adult. All this affects us physically and psychologically. You want to live happily and you do not know how ! Stable and healthy lifestyle is possible. Family Therapy will help you achieve your goals.
about us our services If you need a friend to talk to
Premarital Counseling/ Therapy You deserve a happy life. Talk with a mental health professional about your concerns and worries before tying the knot. about us our services Couple Therapy/ Counseling Help couples develop healthy and successful personal relationships, which will make a significant difference in the individual's life about us our services Family Counseling/ Therapy A Happy Family is A Healthy Family about us our services Child/Adolescent Assesment & Therapy Specialized in treating and diagnosing children and teens' psychological problems, behaviours and mental health disorders. about us our services Adoption Assessment/ Trainings "Being A Mother Is An Attitude, Not A Biological Reaction" -RKH about us our services Art/ Play Therapy & Assessment Art and play therapy can gather feelings, emotions and words which cannot be said. about us our services Group Therapy/ Counseling Group Therapy Is a form of psychotherapy that involves working with several people at the same time . It helps to treat illnesses like depression, anxiety, addiction. about us our services
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Psychological Services

Our Main Goal Is To Provide A Trusting Therapeutic Environment Which Will Promote Healthy Healing, Personal Growth And Desired Psychological Development In All Areas

Welcome To Art Of Marriage & Family Therapy Center. AMFT-LLC

Dr. Eman Al Amari

​Welcome to the homepage of the Art of Marriage and Family Therapy, English and Arabic speaking psychologists practice in Dubai, catering primarily to Families, Couples and Child Therapy, overseen by principal clinical psychologist Dr. Eman Al Amari.
Dr. Amari is an experienced child psychologist and marriage counsellor, with a focus on Islamic counselling in a modern context.

Leading and Emirati Female Psychotherapist in the UAE” (Sayidaty Magazine)​
Specialized in Family, Marriage, and Child Therapy / Counseling

MA. PhD in Clinical Psychology- Family & Marriage Therapy. Behavioural Science. Health Promotion and Public Health. United States

Online Counseling

You are having problems and need our advice, please contact us quickly via social networks by texting or video calling.

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Direct Counseling

Psychological counseling, direct psychotherapy with leading psychologists at AMFT. 

State-of-The-Art“ and well-equipped Counseling Environment

The first of its kind in Dubai Healthcare City. Dubai. UAE.  At AMFT, we guarantee feeling heard and understood from your first session.  Its where one can expect to be treated in an ethical and professional manner. Utmost sensitivity will be shown to all clients’ feelings and concerns, as well as their intimate issues. AMFT provides high quality of care, using evidence-based therapeutic counseling methods

Emergency and Crisis Interventions

At AMFT we can help you by offering immediate, short-term assistance to companies and individuals who experience an event that produces emotional, physical, or mental stress to minimize the potential for long-term any psychological serious trauma.

Marriage/ Couples Therapy

AMFT offers marital/ couples therapy which can be a great way for partners to reconnect, mend broken fences in the relationship.  There are many ways to make sure couples can enjoy their relationship and keep the spark alive, while maintaining healthy communicating channels without seeing a professional.

Psychometrics & Psychological Assessments

AMFT provides many relevant psychometrics and psychological assessments that are relevant to diagnostic and the treatment plan. ( IQ- Depression, Bipolar, OCD, ADHD, Autism assessments. etc)

Effective Counseling Techniques

AMFT offers practical, easy, up to date counseling solutions. Our mental health providers receive continuous training, feedback, and evaluations from best training educational institutes and associations. This is accomplished through cooperation with mental health providers and physicians in different areas.  In addition to the attendance of scientifically based meetings and conferences.

Trainings and Workshops

AMFT provides designed programs and workshops activities for companies and group of people dedicated to improving participants’ lives, and to acquiring new productive skills.  Programs derived from scientifically based and advanced research materials and interventions, as well as locally driven solutions. Our staff includes experts in the public health, and in mental health development areas



Understanding your requirements and objectives is important to us. We listen and work
together to create a truly unique and unforgettable experience.

Path To Excellence

I work as a licensed mental health professional, in the area of family and psychological counseling, with an extensive hands-on experience of more than 13 years working with families and couples in different areas of clinical psychology and psychotherapy, from family, couples, child, to individual counseling.

COVID-19 - Working online & by telephone

In response to the current public health crisis, we have urgently moved to provide our counselling, CBT and therapy services online and by telephone. We have launched our new online portal to support you in finding the right practitioner for you, and our online services include: individual therapy, couples/relationship therapy and consultative support for helping children/young people. If you have any specific needs or requests, please ask. We will do our best to help. Call or email now.


Share with us, what's on your

We list here the most frequently asked questions by our clients/ patients. If you feel that your question was not answered, please do not hesitate to contact us either by email or phone. One of our staff members will be happy to assist you with your query as soon as possible. We thank you for your time and trust.

AMFT does not have direct billing agreements with all insurance companies. Majority of cases get full refund/ compensation from their insurance when submitting bills and insurance forms. We encourage contacting you insure before coming.

Yes, we have discounts for students with students’ ID. We also offer special discount on counseling package which consists of 10 sessions. More information available in our welcome what sup SMS.

If you are unable to keep an appointment, AMFT needs a 24 hours advanced notice, to ensure that you will not be charged for the missed appointment.

Please note that less than 24 hours appointment cancellation makes it hard to book for another appointment. Also, some maybe on waiting list for appointments.

AMFT is dedicated to keeping your records and information confidential. AMFT offers all patients and client top confidentiality on all information discussed. AMFT follows a 100 percent confidentiality policy.

Yes, we do offer phone and online sessions. Payment needs to be made in advance .

AMFT offers a one hour of counseling sessions. A total of 45-50 minutes. If more time is required, extra fees will be charged. We recommend that we are informed before the session if more time is needed to avoid charges.

AMFT offers a one hour of counseling sessions. A total of 45-50 minutes. If more time is required, extra fees will be charged. We recommend that we are informed before the session if more time is needed to avoid charges.

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Each one of us wants someone to talk to, we will listen to you with all our heart

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