Marriage Counseling / Therapy

  • Marriage counseling is a type of psychotherapy provided by a licensed mental health professional for married couples, or for couples who have established partnership. Marriage therapy aims at looking at stressful and conflictual types of communications/ behaviors, and unhealthy relationships.  It helps to resolve existing problems in relationships. It can  help in blocking future issues or conflicts. In addition, marriage counseling aims at strengthening bonds between couples, and couples are recommended to attend this together
  • In certain situations, one partner chooses to work with a therapist alone, before including the other partner. Specific treatment plans depend on the nature of the problem and situations. However, our role is to help couples learn how to deal with more effective methods with their problems. Marriage therapy helps in preventing small problems from becoming serious ones.
  • Marriage Counseling is a very important type of therapy. Researchers have proven that proper marriage counseling, when effective, will lead to improvements of a person’s physical and mental health status, in addition to improving the relationship.
  • Marriage therapy helps couples of all types to recognize escalating stressful behaviors, and be able to resolve it before it happens. Through marriage counseling, couples can also make responsible and thoughtful decisions, strengthen the relationship, or decide and plan separation in a healthy and peaceful manner.
  • Nemours researches have indicated that individuals and their problems are best handled within the context of their relationships. At AMFT, we have licensed and trained mental health professionals in marriage and family therapy systems. Our main focus is on understanding couples ways of interactions in the relationship, and how this contributes to the existing or future problems- affecting the relationship.
  • Marriage therapy and relationships assessment is usually a short-term therapy that may take a few sessions. Sessions are planned to address couples’ concerns, worries, and serious issues that lead to problems:  expectations, patterns of unhealthy behaviors, stress triggers, rules, financial stress, beliefs, and goals of therapy. Therapy often begins as the couple describe the good and bad characteristics of the relationship from each partner’ point of view. Couples will be taught and encouraged to develop healthy problem solving techniques to save their relationship. 

Marriage Therapy can address many problems such as:

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