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Dr, Amari participation In Sharjah Annual Divorce Conference.

Dr, Amari participation In Sharjah Annual Divorce Conference.Presented a paper focused on most common psychological reasons for divorce   Communication key to saving marriages, Sharjah conference hears A lack of communication is the key reason Emirati marriages break down, experts say. SHARJAH // A lack of communication is the key…

Flamingo Flower Shop

Flamingo Flower Shop chose clinical psychologist Dr.Amari and named a flower bouquet after her name

Interview in Al Bayan

Dr. Iman Al-Ammari, clinical specialist for family and marital counseling at the Art of Family Counseling Center in Dubai, confirmed that societies are passing through our current era, the era of openness, or what is known as the era of anxiety and the contradictions of life with complex problems and.

Uncontrolled use of the social networking sites can negatively impact people’s ability to effectively communicate with each other

updates or asking for opinions from different people for research, sites like this help to spread the word in onefell swoop. This is why marketers all over the world are increasingly switching on to social media as the next big thing. My favourite aspect of social networking sites is the.

صحة الضغوط النفسية نوافذ على الأمراض العضوية ) جريدة البيان 2009)

أكدت الدكتورة إيمان العماري الأخصائية الإكلينيكية للاستشارات الأسرية والزوجية في مركز فن الاستشارات الأسرية بدبي أن المجتمعات تمر في عصرنا الحالي، عصر الانفتاح، أو ما يعرف بعصر القلق وتناقضات الحياة بمشاكل وأزمات معقدة تهدد كيان الأسر وتزلزل قيم ومفاهيم الاستقرار النفسي لديها، مشيرة إلى أن ازدياد حدة المشاكل على اختلاف.

Brief report on Evaluation of Children’s Drawings for Ministry of State of Happiness Project

The following report is written based on the evaluation of a panel of psychosocial experts in the UAE for selected number of children drawings (n=166), who participated in the Perception of Happiness Project organised by the Ministry of State of Happiness in the United Arab Emirates.